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3 Quick Tips for a Better Yard

Category: Garden Resource | Posted by: White Oak Gardens

1. Give your lawn some love.

Take the guesswork out of good-looking grass by using the 3-Step program from Fertilome or the 4-Step program from Scotts (the extra step targets weeds). Buy the annual program and have everything you need now and save.


2. Treat your trees and shrubs.

Too often we plant and water, but forget to help our trees and shrubs thrive. We recommend fertilizing yours twice a year with a granular fertilizer to ensure proper nutrition.

Before applying, rake away mulch or apply before mulching. Always follow recommended application rates and instructions on the bag, then thoroughly water in after applying.


3. Feed your hanging baskets and containers.

Season-long blooming annuals like petunias, geraniums and lantana are heavy feeders and we find much better results with liquid applications. We use Fertilome Blooming and Rooting every two weeks at the garden center and at home.


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