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We’ve been planning, planting and caring for some of Cincinnati’s most gorgeous and gracious landscapes for close to 40 years. Each project is executed with your goals, preferences and lifestyle in mind. This is your space, no dream is too big or small.

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We know, weʼve been a part of making them happen for over 50 years. Itʼs our privilege to share just some of the work weʼve done for our customers and friends over the years.

Landscape Installation


What will you do with all the time you save? White Oak Environmentals is experienced in everything from refreshes to complete renovations. We’re also experienced in communicating and sticking to timelines and expectations and turning an outdoor space into someplace special.

Landscape Installation Services

We’re ready to handle everything for you. You’re in good hands. We’re experienced in making the process run smoothly, in leaving our worksite neat and tidy and in delivering a finished project you will be proud to call your own.

  • A detailed, personalized planting design to scale
  • Experienced and friendly designers and crew members, at every stage
  • Removal of improperly placed, damaged or unsightly plants
  • Creation of new landscape beds as needed, including stripping of existing sod
  • Soil amendment and addition of tilled in topsoil/compost blend to finish to grade with the addition of root stimulating & slow release fertilizer
  • Proper placement of plants with regard to sun exposure, moisture and space
  • Application of Treflan weed pre-emergent to prevent seed germination
  • Crisp, clean bed lines
  • Finished beds with a 3” layer of triple processed, 100% bark, premium hardwood mulch
  • A 2 YEAR WARRANTY on trees and shrubs


Landscape Maintenance


You probably know what needs to be done in your yard, but making regular landscape maintenance and seasonal cleanups happen is easier said than done. Come home to groomed trees and shrubs, crisp edges on your mulch beds and well-fed (fertilized) trees and shrubs.

White Oak Landscape Maintenance

We specialize in keeping the simplest to most spectacular landscapes looking their best. Regular maintenance can turn heads and protect your investment, eliminating the need to replace neglected, overgrown or diseased plants. Services may include spring, summer and fall clean-ups as well as an introductory assessment and session to get your space under control.


  • Remove all debris from beds
  • Spade-edge bed lines
  • Apply granular slow-release fertilizer for ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Apply pre-emergent weed control to landscape beds
  • Spray weeds in landscape beds
  • Prune/trim/sheer ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Apply mulch and dormant oil to trees and shrubs to eliminate overwintering pests
  • Apply insecticide to ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Dispose of all debris

Don’t see what you need here or want to add something else? Just ask. We’ll cater to your personal maintenance needs, budget and schedule.


Hardscape Design


We believe in the power of plants, but sometimes the best way to appreciate your landscape is to incorporate functional hardscape elements. Patios, paths, boulders, natural stone and more can extend or define your space, tie into the look of your home and set the stage for all the surrounding natural beauty.

White Oak Hardscape Design & Installation

Hardscape design includes the use of any hard, non-plant material used to extend the boundaries and living spaces of your home. This includes the addition of features like natural stone walls, steps or walkways, driveways, patios, pillars, grilling stations, fireplaces or fire pits and more.

Many or our projects include these natural elements and turn unused spaces or new areas (for example, around a pool or patio) into practical and beautiful places to play, entertain and relax.



A hardscape design can be anything from retaining walls to drainage systems and can either be purely aesthetic or serve a more functional purpose. A retaining wall, for instance, can be used on a sloped backyard to stop the erosion of water. Whereas a purely aesthetic element of a hardscape design might be brick planters or a fountain to create an ambiance and personal oasis in your backyard.


Our landscape design experts will incorporate hardscape elements to give your patio or yard the same kind of look and feel as the home itself. This can be achieved through natural stone walkways, concrete fountains, brick planters, patio pavers, and any other variation of materials to fit seamlessly with the look of the home.

For example, a pool in your backyard is a prime opportunity for incorporating a hardscape design. A hardscape design can elevate a simple rectangular pool surrounded by grass to a tropical oasis, complete with a tiki hut, built in fire pit, grilling station and potted hibiscus for a truly inspiring and relaxing experience. Stamped concrete in different colors, multi-level decks, retaining walls, and patio pavers are also popular materials for creating a defined space for entertaining or relaxing.

Contact our Environmentals Team today to consult with you on a creative, unique design to fit with your backyard, lifestyle and budget.