open FAQ When is the best time to trim shrubs?

Shrubs that bloom in the early Spring (Lilac) should be trimmed as soon as they are finished blooming. General rule of thumb is to trim immediately following bloom. For plants that are evergreen the best time to trim is Spring or Late Fall (November).

open FAQ How many hours is full sun?

Full sun is 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight or more.

open FAQ When do I treat for Grub control ?

The best time to apply grub control is in late May or June. The grubs are not active in early Spring.

open FAQ Can someone help me design my landscape?

We have a Do-It-Yourself program, Snapshot Design, for people who want to install the plants themselves. We have White Oak Environmentals for people who want us to do everything. Check out our Landscaping tab up top for more info!

open FAQ When do I trim my hydrangea ?

Most hydrangeas should be trimmed in early Spring. You can prune them in the Fall, but it’s better to leave the branches on through the winter.

open FAQ How much mulch do I need?

We have a mulch calculator on our website. You need to figure your square footage (length x width) and plug it in. There are many employees here at the store that can help as well.

open FAQ Can White Oak deliver and/or plant these plants?

We can deliver trees, shrubs, mulch, and topsoil. We also offer a planting service for a fee.

open FAQ What Fertilizer should I use?

Each plant is different! Give us a call or stop on in and we can help you decide which works best for your plant needs!

open FAQ When is the best time to fertilize trees and shrubs?

The best time to fertilize is in Spring and Fall. The plants are more actively growing this time of year.

open FAQ When do you start vegetable seeds in the house?

The best time to start seeds is in late March or early April. The days are getting longer and brighter.

open FAQ Can I apply weed preventer and grass seed at the same time?

Unfortunately if you apply weed preventer it will not allow the grass seed to germinate. Seed in the fall (September) and apply preventer in the Spring.

open FAQ When should the Tree and Shrub Drench be applied?

The Drench should be applied in early Spring for shrubs, small trees, and perennials. Mature trees(40-50ft tall) the drench can be applied in fall.

open FAQ When should weed n feed be applied?

The best time to apply weed n feed is when the weeds are actively growing. Usually it is May or June here. But it can be applied later in the summer also.

open FAQ When should I spray for Bagworms?

The best time to spray for bagworms is in late May or June. The bagworms are very small and have not formed the “bag” yet so they are very vunerable to sprays.

open FAQ When should I prune my Knock Out Rose bush?

The best time to prune a knockout rose is about mid March. Cut the stems back to about 12 -18 inches. That generally keeps the plant between 3 and 4 foot in the summer. If you would like them to grow taller, trim less off in March.

open FAQ Why didn’t my hydrangea flower this year?

There are a few reasons why your hydrangeas may not flower/bloom. Firstly, if a late freeze happens in Spring, it may damage the stems and kill the possibility of blooming. There are also gardener errors that can cause a hydrangea not to bloom such as improper pruning or planting in the wrong zone. Our experts at our Garden Center can educate you on these errors to help correct them for next year!

open FAQ When’s the best time to seed my lawn?

September is the best times to seed a lawn. Seeding in the Fall can allow you to avoid the heat of summer, but the cooler nights combined with higher dew points of late Summer/Fall aid in better germination and root growth.

open FAQ When can I plant Perennials?

Perennials can be planted all seasons except for winter when the ground is frozen because they are not as sensitive to cold weather or frost like annuals.