This easy to apply chemical works its way into the system of the tree or shrub and kills insects consuming the plant. It controls many different insects from Aphids to Whiteflies and more!



How to use:

 Determine the amount by measuring the distance around the tree trunk or by the height of the shrub. Once you have the required amount pour into a gallon of water and empty the bucket around the base of the tree or shrub


How much to apply:

Trees – 1 oz per inch of distance around the trunk.

Shrubs – 3 oz per foot of height, round the height to the nearest foot.



– Shake the bottle well before using.

– Pour evenly and as close to the trunk/main stem as possible.

– Fill with clean water after and pour it around the trunk as well.

– For trees with a circumference of 50″ or more use 2 gallons of water.

– Do not apply more than once per year.