STEP 1) 28-0-7

This pre-emergent and fertilizer combo helps to strengthen the lawn and stop weeds and crabgrass before they start.

Apply: Mid-March to Mid-April

Tip: For best results, water after application.

Step 1 For Seeding) 21-22-4

The pre-emergent in Step 1 for Seeding will stop weed seeds but not your turf seeds from germinating.

Apply: Mid-March to Mid-April

Tip: Apply on a calm day and lightly water in.

Step 2) 28-0-3

Step 2 helps to thicken the lawn with another does of fertilizer and the added bonus of weed killer.

Apply: May-June

Tip: Apply on wet grass, preferably with the morning dew so the granules can stick. Do not water this step in.

STEP 3) 32-0-4

This lawn food plus 2% Iron will help strengthen the roots and create a lush, green lawn.

Apply: June-August

Tip: No need to water in. However, during dry periods watering will speed greening.

STEP 4) 32-0-12

This final step helps to strengthen the lawn and give it everything it needs for a healthy head start in spring.

Apply: September-November

 Tip: Can be applied any time during the growing seasons but allow 4 to 6 weeks between applications.