Scott’s 4-Step Program

Scott’s Best “LawnPro” line of products are not available in box stores. These products are superior and longer lasting with more active ingredients than their standard line of products.

If it’s not “LawnPro” it’s not Scott’s Best.

STEP 1) 28-0-7

This pre-emergent and fertilizer combo helps to strengthen the lawn and stop weeds and crabgrass before they start.
Apply: Mid-March to Mid-April
Tip: For best results, water after application.

Step 1 For Seeding) 21-22-4

The pre-emergent in Step 1 for Seeding will stop weed seeds but not your turf seeds from germinating.
Apply: Mid-March to Mid-April
Tip: Apply on a calm day and lightly water in.

Step 2) 28-0-3

Step 2 helps to thicken the lawn with another does of fertilizer and the added bonus of weed killer.
Apply: May-June
Tip: Apply on wet grass, preferably with the morning dew so the granules can stick. Do not water this step in.

STEP 3) 32-0-4

This lawn food plus 2% Iron will help strengthen the roots and create a lush, green lawn.
Apply: June-August
Tip: No need to water in. However, during dry periods watering will speed greening.

STEP 4) 32-0-12

This final step helps to strengthen the lawn and give it everything it needs for a healthy head start in spring.
Apply: September-November
Can be applied any time during the growing seasons but allow 4 to 6 weeks between applications.

$20 rebate for 5,000 square feet
$50 rebate for 15,000 square feet


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