Planting Services

We’d be happy to make that next big step in the yard with you.

Contact or visit with our knowledgeable staff at White Oak Gardens to discuss installing a new plant of your choosing!

  • Assistance picking out up to 3 trees or 5 shrubs, with advice about where to plant them.
  • Delivery of plant material, soil amendment, mulch and fertilizer (when needed).
  • On-site evaluation (and if necessary adjustment) to the planting location(s) on the day of installation.
  • Proper installation of plants, with one mulch ring per plant.
  • Clean-up of debris from the planting, resulting in a finished look.
  • Communication on plant care backed up with a two-year plant guarantee. If necessary, we will replace each installed plant one time.

PLEASE NOTE:The Tree Planting service DOES NOT INCLUDE the production of landscape beds, or, planting beds. Each planted tree or shrub includes a corresponding mulch ring. If you are Interested In the addition of a planting bed or more extensive landscape installation, please contact our landscape division White Oak Environmentals at 513-385-4717.


  • Cost of Tree Planting service = total cost of plant(s) + labor and materials + distance of travel.
  • Cost of labor and materials Is equal to 75% of original and total cost of plant(s) with a $100 minimum charge.
  • Distance of travel fee Is based on the distance traveled from our store to the planting site. The minimum distance of travel fee Is $40 and increases with distance from the store.


  • To get started visit with our knowledgeable staff at White Oak Gardens.
  • Or, call our store at 513-385-3313 and ask for Graham.
  • If possible, provide photos, measurements, and observations of the planting site.
  • Payment must be received prior to scheduling the planting.

Questions? Contact Graham Schaafsma at or 513-385-3313.