Espoma Organic Plant Foods


Espoma granular fertilizers provide long-term benefits for plants and soil including essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.

Apply in spring and late summer or fall.

Currently offering select fertilizers online, to check on availability of any you don’t see for sale online give us a call at 513-385-3313.

See below for more details on each different type of Espoma product we offer!


Organic Garden-Tone

For Naturally Delicious Vegetables

Garden-tone is an all-natural plant food formulated specifically for vegetable gardens. It is safe, long lasting, and will provide the nutrients necessary for vigorous and productive plants. Garden-tone’s all natural formula contains Bio-tone®. Bio-tone biologically enhances our natural plant food to ensure superior plant growth.


Organic Tomato-Tone

For Plump and Juicy Tomatoes

Tomato-tone is a premium plant food formulated specifically for growing plump and juicy tomatoes. Tomato-tone’s organic composition feeds your plants naturally and will not force rapid growth at the expense of blooms and tomato yield. Tomato-tone’s all natural formula contains Bio-tone®. Bio-tone biologically enhances our natural plant food to ensure superior plant growth.

Organic Flower-tone

for bloom boosting power

Flower-tone is an all natural organic fertilizer. The Organics in Flower-tone break down gradually to provide a safe, long lasting food reservoir throughout the growing season.  Also contains Bio-tone®, a blend of microbes that enhances plant performance. Flower-tone is specially formulated to promote and prolong blooms.

organic bulb-tone

bulb fertilizer

A natural organic fertilizer for bulbs like tulips, daffodils, crocus and hyacinths.

organic rose-tone

rose and flower food

This all natural, organic fertilizer helps grow beautiful plants with prize winning blooms. 100% natural ingredients with no fillers.

organic blood meal

nitrogen rich fertilizer

A pure source of organic nitrogen Blood Meal produces more vigorous plants with richer, greener leaves. Great for annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs!

organic soil acidifier

for hydrangeas

Soil Acidifier lowers the pH of soils for optimum growth and turns your hydrangeas blue. Derived from Elemental Sulfur and Gypsum this all natural acidifier is great for blueberries too!

organic bone meal

all natural plant food

An all natural fertilizer that acts a natural source for organic Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Domestic Bone Meal is 100% pure with no additives or fillers. Great for your bulbs and perennials!

Organic Plant-tone

the original all-purpose plant food

Plant-tone is the original all natural plant food made from the best quality ingredients. This long lasting, all-purpose fertilizer is great for flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Enriched with Bio-tone® this fertilizer ensures superior plant growth.

Organic Tree-tone

for your fruit and shade trees

Tree-tone is an all natural, long lasting fertilizer ideal for fruit, shade and ornamental trees. It is made from natural and organic plant ingredients and contains no sludges or fillers. Also enhanced with Bio-tone® it helps give superior plant performance.

Organic Holly-tone

for acid loving plants

Holly-tone is the original acid loving plant food with a proprietary blend of the finest ingredients available. Use Holly-tone with confidence on your acid loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, hollies and evergreens. Holly-tone is enriched with Bio-tone® which helps establish roots to make stronger healthier plants.

organic garden lime

for hydrangeas

An all natural plant supplement used to raise the pH of your soil. Adjusts the acidity of your soil to help turn your hydrangeas pink!

organic iron-tone

for deep green leaves

Iron-tone is an organic fast acting iron supplement that helps yellowing leaves turn to green naturally. Great for use on lawns, flowers, veggies and more!

organic berry-tone

for fruit and berry plants

Berry-tone is an organic, slow release fertilizer that helps grow larger plants with more fruit. Ideal for blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

organic citrus-tone

For citrus plants

Citrus-tone is a long lasting, slow-release fertilizer with Bio-tone microbes. It helps to promote larger, more flavorful fruit. 100% natural and organic ingredients perfect to use on citrus, avocado, fruit and nut trees.



Organic Liquid Fertilizers

easy to use liquid fertilizers

These easy to use liquid concentrate fertilizers are formulated for individual plants: orchids, violets and cactus or succulents. Each fertilizer has specific ingredients that target each of the plants needs. Using the easy dose cap there’s no need to measure, just flip it and add to water! The all natural and organic microbes ensure superior results.


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