• We can deliver most of our products locally. We cannot deliver large boulders.
  • The price of a delivery is based on the zip code and increases as the distance from our store increases.
  • The minimum delivery charge of $40 applies to nearby zip codes 45247, 45251, 45239, and 45252.
  • Deliveries are first come, first served. During the spring busy season we can usually deliver within one weeks’ time. At non-peak times of the year deliveries can usually be made the same day or the next day.
  • We cannot specify an exact time for delivery other than AM or PM. However, the delivery driver will call ahead before leaving the store to give a more exact time of arrival.
  • Please provide any special instructions at the time your order is placed and clearly mark where the product should go when it is delivered.



  • Trucks cannot be driven off of paved surfaces. No exceptions.
  • Our trucks cannot deliver more than one kind of bulk product at a time without the products being mixed in the process of loading, transport, or dumping. A charge applies for each delivery. For example, if you purchase topsoil and mulch to be delivered, and you do not want them to be mixed in the process, our truck and driver can make two delivery trips and there will be a delivery charge for each separate delivery.
  • Our trucks hold a maximum of 15 scoops of bulk mulch, 8 scoops of bulk topsoil, or 4 scoops of bulk stone.
  • Quantities over the maximum load are subject to additional delivery charges for each delivery trip.



  • For deliveries of 30 bags or more additional personnel is needed and requires a second delivery charge.
  • Bagged material will be delivered directly to the driveway and stacked in one place.



  • Most landscape plant material will be delivered in a covered truck or will be tarped for protection.
  • Landscape plant material can be brought to the planting site but cannot be set into holes already dug.
  • White Oak Gardens does offer planting services but this must be scheduled in advance of any delivery and cannot be accommodated at the time of delivering plant material.
  • There will be one delivery charge for up to a full truck of landscape plants. If the quantity of plants exceeds the space of a single truck an additional delivery charge will be added.
  • If the size/weight of landscape plant material requires additional personnel to move there will be an additional delivery charge.



  • Christmas trees can be delivered to your door for the normal delivery charge.
  • Christmas trees can be set-up inside your home in your own stand for the cost of a delivery charge plus our Christmas tree set-up fee. This does not include decorating the tree.