• the Garden Coach

How can my Garden Coach help me?

Your Garden Coach is a nursery Technician who lives and breathes plants and landscaping.

  • We’ll come to you or do virtual coaching
  • Review of yard characteristics and challenges
  • Plant identification and care (watering, fertilizing and pruning)
  • Solutions for trouble spots (wet, shady, poor soil, lack of privacy, etc.)
  • Lawn challenges
  • Curb appeal and entryway updates
  • Incorporating edible landscaping
  • Wildlife/pollinator-friendly or deer-resistant varieties
  • Small space gardening ideas
  • Landscape refreshes
  • Plan for achieving your goals

Ok, I need a Garden Coach! What should I do next?

Complete the below questionnaire and submit payment. We will reach out within a week to schedule!
Have questions? Contact mike@whiteoakgardens.com

How much does it cost to have a Garden Coach?

$150/hr for locations up to 10 miles. *Areas outside of this zone may be an additional charge.

What’s included:

    • A 1-hour in-person/onsite visit at your home or business (or virtual session)
    • Additional 30-minute increments can be purchased for $50/half hour.
    • Detailed consult, follow-up email to review what was discussed, including additional resources.
    • Call, email or stop by to talk with your Garden Coach or any of our friendly experts.
    • Please note: does not include a formal landscape design or labor. If interested in a formal design, check out our Snapshot Design program

How can I make the most of my time with my Coach?

  • Walk your yard to identify features and challenges
  • Make a list of questions beforehand
  • Make note of your main goals
  • Sketch the area(s) you want to focus on or take pictures, print and draw over the top
  • Have a pad of paper/pen or tablet available


Meet Mike Riesenberg

As a Garden Coach, Mike is excited to have the chance to visit customers at their home or business to help identify landscaping goals, to strategize how to achieve these goals, and to provide know-how and inspiration!

Mike has been in the green-industry and a member of the White Oak Gardens team for more than 10 years. He is interested in how plants enhance our landscaping and our lives. Native trees, their benefits to the environment, and their use to enhance our landscaping are of special interest. At the Garden Center you’ll often find Mike sharing his passion for plants, especially trees, with customers and peers alike.