Maple ‘Redpointe’

The ‘Redpointe’ Maple (Acer rubrum ‘Frank Jr.’) is a standout cultivar of the native red maple, prized for its consistent red fall color, upright growth habit, and excellent tolerance to a variety of environmental conditions. This variety was selected for its distinctive attributes, including a well-structured canopy and vibrant seasonal foliage, making it an ideal choice for landscapes seeking a reliable and visually appealing tree.

See below for some key features and information.

  • Height and Spread: The ‘Redpointe’ Maple typically grows to about 40 to 50 feet tall with a spread of 20 to 30 feet, featuring a pyramidal to oval canopy that becomes more rounded with age.
  • Leaves: This cultivar is noted for its dark green, glossy leaves that transition to a brilliant red in the fall, providing a stunning display of autumn color. The leaves are deeply lobed, typical of red maples, with a pointed tip that gives the ‘Redpointe’ its name.
  • Flowers: In early spring, before the foliage emerges, it produces small red flowers that add a subtle splash of color to the landscape and attract early-season pollinators.
  • Growth Habit: ‘Redpointe’ Maple is recognized for its strong central leader and uniform branching pattern, which contribute to its formal appearance and reduced need for pruning.
Habitat and Cultivation
  • Native Range and Adaptability: While Acer rubrum is native to a wide range of North America, the ‘Redpointe’ cultivar has been developed for enhanced ornamental value and adaptability. It thrives in USDA zones 4 through 8 and is suited to a broad array of landscape settings.
  • Soil and Sunlight: Prefers moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soils but is notable for its adaptability to a wide range of soil conditions, including wet and clay soils. It performs best in full sun but can tolerate partial shade.
  • Watering: Regular watering is recommended, especially during the tree’s establishment phase and during periods of drought. Once established, the ‘Redpointe’ Maple is relatively drought-tolerant.
Care and Maintenance
  • Pruning: Minimal pruning is required, primarily to remove any damaged or diseased branches and to maintain its shape. Pruning is best conducted in the dormant season to minimize sap flow, which can be heavy in maples.
Landscaping Use
  • Due to its upright growth habit, striking fall color, and adaptability, the ‘Redpointe’ Maple is an excellent choice for street plantings, parks, and residential landscapes. It can serve as a specimen tree or be planted in groups for a more dramatic effect.
  • Its moderate growth rate and form make it suitable for areas where space is a consideration, providing significant visual impact without overwhelming the landscape.


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