Extra Large Mums

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Plant in the ground as soon as you can. These are hardy mums, the more they get rooted in before winter the better chance they have of coming back next year!

In Order Notes please indicate what color you would prefer and we will try to match it as best as possible!

12″ pot

Plant Care


Exposure: Full Sun
Size: Wide range of sizes
Bloom Time: Late Summer to Fall

Fun Facts:
» Chrysanthemum derives it’s name from the Greek word chrysos, meaning gold, and anthemon, meaning flower.
» Native to Asia and North Eastern Europe.
» According to Feng Shui, this flower is believed to bring happiness and laughter to a home.

1 review for Extra Large Mums

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  1. Aubrey Aynes

    I’m so excited that it’s actually Fall! These mums look amazing potted on my front porch.

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