Fertilome 3 Step Program


STEP 1:Fertilome All Season Lawn Food Plus Crabgrass and Weed Preventer. 16-0-8

Step 1 gives your lawn some much-needed nutrition after the winter with the addition of Prodiamine. Prodiamine, a pre-emergent herbicide, prevents weed seeds from germinating in the lawn. Step 1 feeds lawns up to 5 months and helps create stronger root systems.

When to apply: Early spring, March to mid-April.


STEP 2:Fertilome Lawn Food with Iron. 28-4-4

Step 2 strengthens your lawn helping to create stronger roots. It contains high nitrogen and iron helping give that deep, rich green color. It has quick release nitrogen that is not as temperature sensitive as slow release products.

When to apply: September


STEP 3:Fertilome Lawn Food with Iron. 28-4-4

Step 3 and step 2 are the same product, applied twice. It’s important to repeat this step in late fall while your lawn is still green but not growing anymore, the nutrients will be stored in the grass during the upcoming winter. It helps to build a strong root system for a better spring greening.

When to apply: November


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