Enrich Powder



Strong roots = a resilient houseplant! Over time, the beneficial fungi spring to action, enriching soil and building stronger, more resilient roots. Your houseplants will enjoy improved nutrition and less abiotic stress.

1 Bag = 14 oz (400g): Best for 12-20 plants.


A complex blend of organic greenery is diverted from landfill, lovingly processed by Californian earthworms and air dried and aged for maximum results.

10 groups of beneficial fungi and 500 million microorganisms per tsp release into the soil to help plants better absorb nutrients. The fungi act as the plants ‘messenger’, meaning your plant builds a symbiotic relationship with its soil. Enrich transforms your soil into a teeming ecosystem, ripe for growth!


For existing plants:

  1. Sprinkle on soil before watering (2 tsp for 3-6” pots, 3 tsp for 7-10”, 4 tsp for 10”+).
  2. Water with diluted Grow Concentrate.

When repotting:

  1. Mix powder into new soil (3 tsp per quart of soil).
  2. Position your plant and layer with soil.
  3. Water with diluted Grow Concentrate.

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