Bromeliad (Aechmea spp.)

Not pet friendly

  • Native to Mexico and tropical Americas
  • 1’-3’ height, 1’-3’ width
growth habit
  • Upright, broad growth habit, sends out pups when mature
light requirement
  • Bright, indirect light 
    • Within 1-2 ft of a bright window
special requirements
  • Blooms will last for many months before they begin to turn 
  • When blooming is finished, mother plant will slowly degrade and die, pups will grow from the base and take over 
  • Keep reservoir filled between leaves and do not water soil directly
    • Replace water every week or so to avoid rot
  • Indoor tabletop plant
  • Shade plant for spring/summer
  • Can be mounted and grow on wood/boards (Epiphytic)
common problems
  • Center of plant brown and mushy
    • Reservoir not replaced regularly can cause rot fungus that can kill the plant
  • Brown edges on flower
    • This means flowering is ending and the bromeliad is dying. It will send out pups to begin the flowering cycle again

Pet Friendly info from ASPCA Website
Check their list for all toxic and nontoxic plants for your pets, including indoor and outdoor plants. Any questions call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.


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