African Violet

  • Native to warm, moist areas around the world. They have been found in central to southern Africa, Gulf of Guinea, Venezuela, Argentina, and other places.
  • 4-12” height, 4-12” width
growth habit
  • Mounding, bush-like, stays compact
light requirement
  • Bright to moderate light, no direct sunlight
    • Example: within 3-4 feet of bright window
special requirements
  • Performs best with additional humidity. Can be accomplished by placing the plant on a tray with a thin layer of pebbles filled with water.

  • Small, flowering houseplant
  • Great for table decoration, windowsill plant
  • Collectible – hundreds of varieties with wide range of colors and textures


Common Problems (multiple possibilities/solutions)
  • Lack of Flowers
    • Not enough light
    • Lack of fertilization
  • Yellowing leaves 
    • Too much water
    • Not enough light
    • Lack of fertilization
  • Mushy leaves 
    • Too much water
    • Root rot bacteria/fungus (needs repotting in clean soil ASAP)
  • Crispy leaves 
    • Not enough water
  • Powdery, white spots on leaves
    • Powdery mildew – treat with fungicide
  • Brown spots
    • Water on leaves – water from bottom or use self-watering pot

Pet Friendly info from ASPCA Website
Check their list for all toxic and nontoxic plants for your pets, including indoor and outdoor plants. Any questions call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.


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