• Blooms in the wild, tropical areas of Mexico to tropical Americas.
  • 12″-36″ height, 8″-24″ width
growth habit
  • Upright, bush-like growth
light requirement
  • Medium to bright light
  • Ex. within 2′-3′ of bright window, will tolerate lower light but will lack flowers and prolific growth
special requirements
  • Promote flowering with bright light and fertilization
  • Indoor, flowering plant
  • Table decoration
  • Outdoor shade/sun plant for spring/summer
common problems
  • Yellowing, mushy leaves – too frequent watering, plant needs to dry out completely between thorough watering
  • Brown crispy leaves – lack of humidity, cosmetic issue that can be avoided by misting

Pet Friendly info from ASPCA Website
Check their list for all toxic and nontoxic plants for your pets, including indoor and outdoor plants. Any questions call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.


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