Aglaonema ‘Valentine’ (Chinese Evergreen)

This variety features bright pink/red speckling on leaves with a shorter growth habit than other Chinese Evergreens.

Not pet friendly

  • Native to the Phillipines and northeastern Celebes.
  • 6-24” height, 6-24” width
growth habit
  • Clumping, dense, bush-like growth

light requirement
  • Bright indirect to low light conditions
    • Grows best with moderate light conditions (4-6 ft from bright window)
    • Will TOLERATE low light conditions but plant growth will be slower and more sparse
special requirements
  • Soil needs to dry out COMPLETELY and this can take weeks. Very prone to root/stem rot if roots stay too wet. Water thoroughly when soil becomes completely dry.
  • Low-light indoor plant
    • Small versions can be used for table/shelf decoration
    • Larger plants can be used as floor plants 
  • Shade plant for outdoors in Spring/summer
common problems
  • Yellowing, mushy outer leaves
    • Too frequent watering (allow plant to dry completely between thorough watering)
  • Yellow to brown crispy outer leaves
    • Could be under watering but more likely just the plant sending its energy to growing new leaves and ditching old small leaves
    • Lack of fertilization
  • Brown tips on leaves
    • Lack of humidity
      • This is purely a cosmetic issue that is difficult to avoid. Misting can assist with humidity to help avoid brown tips.

Pet Friendly info from ASPCA Website
Check their list for all toxic and nontoxic plants for your pets, including indoor and outdoor plants. Any questions call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.


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