We love to see people start small with one or two herbs on their windowsill or in patio containers, just to get the hang of things, have a little more control over moisture and to keep them handy.

Here’s a great place to start:


The fragrant, go-to herb for Italian dishes. If you’re a pesto lover, pinch leaves from stems to encourage branching and even more leaves.


Not simply a garnish, parsley is an unassuming superfood high in vitamins K, C and iron, a great source of anti-oxidants, even a natural breath freshener. Sprinkle on dishes, add to pesto, use in salads and rubs.


A unique pine-like fragrance, distinctive pungent flavor and understated beauty make rosemary a standout on our list. We love it with chicken or lamb, in dipping sauces or baked into bread. Bonus: believed to improve digestion and help with memory and concentration.


This flexible Mediterranean herb has a pungent minty aroma with a hint of lemon that pairs well with just about anything, including beef, chicken, pork, fish, tomatoes, potatoes and goat cheese.


Similar to Thyme with a zesty, strong flavor and pleasant smell that intensifies in strong sun. We love it paired with virtually any veggie or variety of meat. A pinch goes a long way.


The smallest—and prettiest—member of the onion family with hollow, grass-like stems and beautiful purple flowers that grow in clusters. The mild onion flavor and distinctive smell make a great companion to fish, eggs, salads and soups.


An easy-to-grow annual herb related to the celery family. You probably think of pickles first, but fresh dill is also great for lending a soft, sweet flavor to dressings and fish dishes.