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April Checklist

Category: Gardening Tips | Posted by: White Oak Gardens
Blog written by Nikki Martin

With the warmer temperatures approaching, everyone is looking forward to tending to their yards, myself included. Although it’s not time to plant annuals and tropicals just yet, there are plenty of other tasks to tackle.

April is an ideal month to fertilize shrubs, trees, and perennials as they show signs of readiness.

Here are some recommended fertilizers I like:

Ferti-lome Tree & Shrub Food for non-evergreen trees and shrubs, providing a nitrogen boost for leaf growth.
– For evergreen plants like spruces, junipers, and hollies, consider using Espoma Holly-tone to feed and acidify the soil.
Espoma Plant-Tone is a great general food for perennials to spread in your flower beds.

For those planning to grow vegetables and edibles, start preparing the soil by adding compost and other organic material to enrich the beds for the summer.

Other tasks include:

– Trimming back any perennials missed last fall to make way for new growth.
– Tidying up shrubs like hydrangeas, cutting old blooms and dead stems, and giving ninebarks and spirea a good trim.
– Re-edging planting beds while the soil is soft from spring showers.

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