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Truly Groundbreaking: Introducing White Oak Gardens’ very own Organic Planting Mix

Category: Planting | Posted by: Mike Riesenberg

Using a planting mix when installing a new tree, shrub, perennial or flower garden is nothing new. However, using a planting mix that is specially formulated for the Cincinnati region is something altogether new – you might even say groundbreaking!

Introducing White Oak Gardens’ very own Organic Planting Mix, a unique mix designed to break-up our heavy clay soils creating a beneficial environment for root growth and ultimately healthy and vibrant plants!

At White Oak Gardens, we believe that beautiful landscapes and abundant gardens start with healthy and vibrant plants. Purchasing an awesome plant is a first step in realizing your vision of a colorful, low-maintenance landscape. Planting it properly is the next step, a critical step for the establishment and long-term success of any plant. It is our experience that using a planting mix when installing an eye-catching Rising Sun Redbud, a colorful collection of Peach Drift Roses, a pollinator-friendly butterfly weed, or any other plant greatly increases the chances of success.

As proponents of using a planting mix we have, over the years, offered our customers various products to amend the soil. In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to find a great product to offer our customers as a planting mix. For this reason we decided… why not try to develop our own? Together, with the help of the soil experts at Organic Mechanics Soil Company, the plant experts at White Oak Gardens developed our very own Organic Planting Mix.

Three ingredients – pine bark, coconut fiber, and compost – are found in an attractively labeled 1 cu. ft. bag.

You might notice that peat moss is not an ingredient – why is that? In an effort to offer a more environmentally sustainable product, we have chosen to replace peat moss as an ingredient with coconut fiber – a more renewable resource.

As the name suggests, Organic Planting Mix can and should be used when planting trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. But wait… there’s more! Our Organic Planting Mix is also a great choice as a soil additive in food-producing gardens and raised bed gardens to grow berries, vegetables, tomatoes and other food crops! In addition it is an attractive top-dress mulch that looks great but also breaks down into the soil, introduces beneficial microbes to existing plants, and did I mention it looks great?

Because we believe using a planting mix leads to beautiful plants, we encourage our customers who purchase a tree or shrubs to plant them the White Oak Way or WOW.

The WOW Planting Package for Trees or Shrubs is for our customers who install the plants themselves. It includes all the products we recommend for planting – a bag of White Oak’s Organic Planting Mix, a bag of Espoma’s Bio-tone starter plant food, a tree guard (tree package only), and a bag of Black Gold Hardwood Mulch (two bags if planting shrubs).

The WOW process is simple, easy, and dare I say satisfying – especially for those of us who like to get our hands dirty! As always our plant experts will be glad to explain the process of planting the White Oak Way and offer tips. So that our customers can relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor without worry, and because we feel that our plants put in the ground with these great products have greater chance of success, we offer a two-year guarantee on trees and shrubs installed with the WOW Planting Package… WOW!

White Oak Gardens’ very own Organic Planting Mix… truly groundbreaking!

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