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The Fix for Muddy Lawns: Straw

Category: Gardening Tips, Lawn Care | Posted by: Jeremy Newell

A lot of us are more than happy with the unseasonably mild winter Cincinnati is currently experiencing. Honestly, it is kind of nice to forego 17 layers of hats, gloves, jackets, scarves, and coats just to get the mail.

However, the downside to this convenience can be seen in our lawns. The ground has not frozen this year and we have received plenty of rain. That means one thing-MUD. Any bare spot in the lawn has turned into a muddy mess. And that muddy mess has found its way onto our interior floors!

So what can be done about all the mud at this time of year?

It’s certainly too early to expect grass seed to come up or buy sod. Applying straw to the muddy areas is really the only option at this time. Straw will cover the bare areas to minimize the distribution of mud. Obviously, foot traffic on the straw from human or canine feet will push the straw into the ground and necessitate repeated applications.

Straw can be raked up in the spring when you are ready to reseed those bare areas. The old straw can be composted, used as a mulch/soil amendment in the veggie garden, or disposed.

White Oak Gardens stocks both full bales or half bales of straw.

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If you have more questions give the experts at White Oak Gardens a call at 513-385-3313 or stop in the garden center.

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