The Annual Vinca at White Oak Gardens is lush, colorful, and fresh. Available in 6″ containers or hanging baskets, our beautiful Annual Vinca can be added to existing planters or beds to replace tired annuals or planted en-masse for a brilliant and easy to care for display of summer color!

As an added bonus they are deer resistant so all that work you do to liven up your landscape won’t be an invitation for Bambi to snack on!

Seasonal / In-Store Only

As we struggle to stay comfortable in the summer heat so too are many of the beautiful flowers we planted this spring.  One plant that doesn’t struggle at all with heat, that actually thrives, is Annual Vinca. Funny thing is Annual Vinca is nothing new – it’s an oldie but goody. 

as the summer heat continues, consider adding some Annual Vinca to freshen-up tired planters and landscape plantings.

Annual Vinca is colorful! It can be found in shades of pink, purple, lavender, red, and white. Not only are they colorful but reliable too! Once established, they are drought tolerant. It’s not that they won’t need water – they will – but they’ll go for longer stretches without rain or watering than most other annuals.


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