Premium Fescue Mix Grass Seed


White Oak Fescue mix is our very own fescue made specifically for our area. It contains a variety of tall fescues that are heat resistant, drought resistant and disease resistant. The thin blades and dark green color of our White Oak Fescue creates a lush barefoot-ready lawn.

When to apply:

For best results, early spring or fall. You can seed at other times, but, plan on more watering or lightly re-seeding as initial results may vary.

  • Newly seeded areas should be watered lightly and frequently.
  • Loosen up the top 1 inch of soil with a rake before applying the seed.


1 pound – 200 square feet when over-seeding, 100 square feet for new lawns

5 pound – 1,000 square feet when over-seeding, 500 square feet for new lawns

25 pound – 5,000 square feet when over-seeding, 2,500 square feet for new lawns

50 pound – 10,000 square feet when over-seeding, 5,000 square feet for new lawns


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