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How to Keep Hanging Baskets Beautiful and Blooming

Category: Garden Resource, Gardening Tips, How-to Guides | Posted by: Jeremy Newell

Nothing dresses up a porch, patio, or pool like hanging baskets full of blooming flowers. Baskets are extremely versatile suspended from poles or shepherds hooks without taking up a lot of room. The most barren area can become charming by adding a basket spilling with flowers and foliage.

What’s the best way to take care of these garden gems? Often springtime enthusiasm turns to summertime despair. Knowing the unique growing situation of potted plants helps to keep these flowers looking great ALL season-long.

Right Plant for the Right Spot

Make sure the flowers in the hanging basket are suitable for the area where they’re going. Some flowers will tolerate a full sun area while others will fry in the same spot. Assess how much sunshine these baskets will be getting, especially that hot afternoon/evening sun. Ask your garden center helper for suggestions.

Water! Water! Water!

The amount of space for roots in hanging baskets is very limited. Hanging baskets tend to dry quickly. This is especially true in the summer months. As the roots continue to grow and take up more space in the baskets, it leaves less space for water-holding capacity. While you may have to water only every second or third day in the spring, expect to water daily as the temperatures increase and the plants continue to grow. This is true for any container in which the water is allowed to drain through the pot.

Flowers Need Food Too

The potting mix in hanging baskets is a sterile medium. This means that you will need to provide additional fertilizer to keep your baskets flowering. Liquid fertilizer will be immediately available to the plant to continue flower production. However, liquid fertilizer doesn’t last very long so you need to use it fairly regularly. White Oak Gardens recommends Fertilome’s Blooming and Rooting fertilizer applied every two weeks.  Dissolving a tablespoon of fertilizer in a gallon of water  and applying to each basket is all it takes to promote more beautiful blooms and lush green foliage all season long.

By keeping your flowering baskets adequately watered and fertilized, you can expect to enjoy their color and cheer through the season.

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