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Category: Gardening Tips | Posted by: Jeremy Newell

August Gardening Tips

Here are a few activities to help you start preparing for fall.

Repair Your Lawn

August is a great time to prep your lawn for the fall. Kill off bad areas with Roundup or Killzall so that come September, the area is ready to be seeded. September is the best time of year to seed so be sure your lawn is ready by prepping in August.

Keep an eye on Watering

August can be hot and dry, so this is a great time to double down on your watering efforts. This applies to all your plants, but especially newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials, which need extra water in their first few years to help them really take hold. Long soaking sessions every 5-7 days is better for trees & Shrubs rather than quick short waterings every day.

Plant fall veggies

Mid-month, plant a few vegetables that will ripen just in time for fall. Cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli and spinach will all flourish if planted around this time. Just be sure not to plant them too early, since they grow best as the weather becomes cooler.

Look for Fresh Fall Color

Begin transitioning your containers by pulling out spent blooms and planting fresh color. Fall is just around the corner and your containers can use a pick-me-up to brighten your porch, patio and garden beds. Mums are always a favorite and they’ll be making their appearance at White Oak soon. Also consider integrating popular plants like Marigolds, various ornamental Grasses or Calibrachoa for fun fall flare.


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