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Category: Gardening Tips, How-to Guides, Lawn Care | Posted by: Jeremy Newell

Are you tired of mowing yet?

I am. I have hit that point in the summer where I am just over it. Springtime brings enjoyable feelings of being back outside with the warm earth under my feet. I even enjoy mowing in the early summer with visions of family get-togethers in mind. But now, not so much. It’s just work. Hot, humid work.

It doesn’t help that I have crabgrass and nutsedge growing like lawn bullies in my yard. These are the two big baddies of summertime lawn weeds. There is a reason for this. Both love hot weather and will grow quickly in the heat. The lawn however tends to slow growth in the hot summer temps and becomes thin. Those thin spots allow weeds to invade.


You might be tempted to hand pull nutsedge since it grows so much faster than the lawn. Avoid the temptation because any little piece of root left in the ground will re-sprout and you may actually end up with more than what you pulled.

Spray with Fertilome Nutsedge Control.


Crabgrass will turn brown and die after a couple of frosts this fall. If you don’t want to wait for that time or you have so much growing that you need to take action, you can spray with Fertilome Weed Out with Crabgrass Killer. All these products can harm your lawn if sprayed when temperatures are around 90 degrees. Always check the label for these warnings.

Remember, the best defense against weed growth is a healthy, thick lawn. By consistently maintaining nutrient and moisture levels in your lawn, weeds have a difficult time getting established.

When you are ready to come up with a DIY lawn care strategy, the lawn experts at White Oak Gardens can help.

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