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Top 5 Trees for Fall Color

Category: Garden Resource | Posted by: Mike Riesenberg

Wildfire Black gum:

No, this is not the tree that produces spiny capsular fruits that are the bane of homeowners and bare feet alike.  Instead, Wildfire Blackgum has some very show attributes to offer.  New growth in spring emerges in shades of bronze and red.  The leaves mature to a dark green color and glossy sheen.  As the weather cools, the leaves of Wildfire Blackgum are some of the first to exhibit fall color – usually a vibrant shade of fire-engine red!

Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple:

Maple trees are synonymous with fall color, and Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple is one of the sweetest maple’s to behold.  As the weather changes, so too does Fall Fiesta, transitioning from dark green leaves into shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Royal Raindrops Crabapple:

Do you want a tree that changes with the seasons and has something to offer Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter?  Royal Raindrops Crabapple is a true multi-season tree.  In spring, this tree bursts-forth with bright, hurt your eyes, pink flowers with mild fragrance.  Dark burgundy leaves with jagged edges follow the flowers and remain until fall when they turn vibrant shades of yellow and orange.  As leaves fall, they give way to vibrant red berries that persist on the tree deep into the winter months.  When the last berry drops, it is almost time to start the cycle over again!

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry:

As the name of this tree suggests, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry has spectacular fall colors of yellow, orange, and red.  This tree is often available with a single-trunk or with multiple trunks.  Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry offers more than just fall color – clusters of white flowers in spring yield delicious edible berries.  Don’t wait too long to enjoy the berries as birds love them too!

White Oak:

We’ve got to give recognition to the tree for which we are named at any opportunity.  However, recognition of White Oak’s fall color is well deserved.  Red to russet-red fall color is just one of many great attributes of this native tree.  Though slow growing, White Oak is a tough and durable tree that should be planted for the enjoyment of future generations.

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