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Top 5 Deer-Resistant Bulbs

Category: Garden Resource, Planting | Posted by: Jeremy Newell

Planting bulbs is one of the best gifts you can give to your future self. Plant in fall, forget about them over the winter, then get excited when you see their new growth emerge in the spring. Unfortunately, there are others who also get excited to see that new spring growth; deer. If you are in the Cincinnati area, white tailed deer can be more damaging to a landscape than all the insects of the season. While all ‘deer-resistant’ lists should be taken with a grain of salt, here are our top five bulbs that deer tend to place on the bottom of their wish list.

1. Daffodils

These cheerful spring flowers are available in classic yellow as well as white, peach, and pink combinations. Cluster bulbs in groups to get the most color impact.

2. Grape Hyacinths

Short plants with clusters of purple ‘grape-like’ bloom. Grape hyacinths are great companions around shrubs and perennials such as ferns and hellebores.

3. Fritillaria

Also called Crown Imperial, Fritillaria are tall, dramatic flowers that reach around 3’ in height. The flower stalk is topped with a ring of trumpet-shaped suspended flowers available in red or yellow.

4. Giant Allium

Another flower behemoth. Large spheres composed of tiny purple flowers sit atop a 4’ flower stem.

5. Surprise Lily

Daffodil-like leaves emerge in the spring but then turn brown and dry up. Where’s the flower? Surprise! A few weeks later in the summer a single flower stalk emerges with a beautiful pink lily-shaped flower.

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