September Gardening Tips

Here are a few tasks to help you make the most of your garden at this time of year.

Fall Clean up

As long as the weather remains relatively warm, take the time to clean out your plant beds. Pull up weeds and remove any debris like dead leaves. Summer annuals like petunias and impatiens are past their prime by September, so pull them out to pave way for fall annuals or next year’s plants.


Fall is a great time for planting and there is always a great tree & shrub selection in the garden center. The soil temperatures stay warmer for a bit longer than the air, making the soil the perfect atmosphere for getting those roots acclimated before the cold weather.

Give soil a boost

Late summer or early autumn is a great time to rejuvenate your soil, since it’s worked hard all summer and might be depleted of nutrients. Add Jolly Gardener Planting Mix to your garden beds then top it with fresh mulch or compost to plant beds for an added boost to keep plants growing well into fall.

Seed your lawn

September is the best time to seed your lawn. Lay down Fertilome Lawn food plus Iron to give it everything it needs to get through winter dormancy and have a healthy head start come spring.

Save seeds for next year

September is the ideal time to remove seeds from certain flowering plants like marigolds and nasturtiums, or herbs like dill and cilantro. Pluck the seeds from mature flower heads, dry them and then store in a glass jar or envelope. Be sure to label them clearly so you know what they are next year!