June Gardening Tips

Here are some ideas to make your garden happy and productive in June.

Keep after weeding and feeding

June is the time to maintain the plants you’ve already put effort into earlier in the growing season. Make sure to do a little weeding every day or two, and continue watering and fertilizing as necessary to keep plants in tip-top shape. Keep in mind that many plant varieties will need more water as they grow larger and the weather becomes warmer.

Plant Some Perennials

For the gardening deal-hunter, June is a good time to get gorgeous perennials at great prices. White Oak’s Perennial Palooza falls in June and you can find classics like Echinacea, Dianthus, and Phlox or more specialty perennials like Clematis, Leucanthemum, and Penstemon. Plant these varieties in your garden now, and you’ll enjoy them at their peak in the years to come.

Veggies—round two

You likely already planted a good number of vegetables back in May, and you might even be seeing growth already. This month, put in a second planting of vegetables like tomatoes, corn and beans. Staggering these helps to extend the overall growing season—meaning you can enjoy delicious fresh veggies in your salads well into early fall.

Repel mosquitos

If you see a lot of pesky mosquitos in your yard—or just routinely discover mosquito bites on yourself following an afternoon outdoors—install mosquito-repelling plants throughout your garden to help drive the pests away. Varieties like citronella grass, marigolds and catnip have been proven to deter mosquitos; plant them near home entrances and other areas where you spend the most time.

Control Weeds in Your Yard

You may notice a few weeds popping up here and there in your yard. That’s normal for this time of year as the temperature and precipitation levels are shifting and the birds have been busy spreading seeds. Get control of the weeds while you still can and use spot spray with Fertilome’s Weed Free Zone. Then lay another Scott’s Step to keep that green grass free of the pesky weeds.