July Gardening Tips

Here are some ways to keep your plants happy in the heat.

Care for Your Lawn

Consider fertilizing your grass again (about every 6 weeks is optimal). Apply early in the month to beat the heat. Also consider raising your lawn mower blade. Longer grass helps shade the soil and better retain moisture, therefore reducing the need to water so often. Your lawn will be envy of the block as it maintains its lush green appearance throughout the hottest months.


Spend a few minutes each day deadheading—which is to say, removing spent blooms from your flowering plants and hanging baskets. Doing so will help to encourage new growth, as well as improve the overall look and health of the plant.


By now, many of your vegetables are likely ready for picking. Tomatoes, beans, peppers and zucchini are typically ready for harvest around early to mid July. As you pick your produce, check for grubs, bugs, and other garden pests that can often ruin crops. Head into White Oak with your specimens to get great products and advice on ridding your plants of these pests.

Consider a landscape project or hardscape design

These hot months are a good time to begin planning and discussing all of your landscape and hardscape dreams. Fall is just around the corner and is typically the best time to install and execute a landscape project. We’d love to talk to you about your ideas and help with your landscape design plan.

Conserve water

With Mother Nature taking care of things this year, it’s easy to conserve water. But as the month goes on and the heat sets in, avoid waste, by only watering plants at the beginning and end of the day. Watering mid-day will result in evaporation—and you’ll likely end up with higher water bills as well as dehydrated plants. Head outside with the hose in the early morning or evening hours to make sure your plants get the most of each watering.