April Gardening Tips

Get your hands dirty

April’s the time to really dig in. The ground is soft and things are finally thawed. Get in the garden, clear out the debris, and prep those beds. Plant up some cool-weather containers or stop in the garden center for some of our pre-planted fairy gardens for a little magic in your landscape.

Exercise some patience

April is usually a beautiful month, weather-wise, and so it can seem like a while before you’re seeing the fruits of your labor. Rest assured, things are growing! You’re probably seeing buds and green popping up here and there. Be patient, lay down mulch if you haven’t already and just work to foster healthy soil for those plants to grow big and beautiful. Use products like Hi-Yield Weed & Grass Stopper, Fertilome 3-Step Lawn Care System and Paygro Planting Mix to get the best garden beds, the lushest lawn and the most envious of plant containers.

Plant Fruit Trees & Fruiting Plants

At the beginning of the month, head outside to plant Fruit Trees and Fruiting Plants like Apple, Cherry and Pear trees, or Blackberries and Strawberries. With the soil softening and still relatively cool, it’s the perfect time to plant these guys. Be sure to fertilize the soil with Espoma Bio-Tone Starter or Paygro Planting Mix for organic, healthy and tasty berries if you plan to eat your fruit-bearing friends! 

Transplant & Divide YOUR PLANTS

This is the perfect time to transplant and divide your perennials. Take those large, overcrowded plants – you know, the ones with sad looking leaves or that are thinning in the middle – and split them up. Replant as soon as possible, put a little Fertilome Potting Soil in the hole, and then give them a nice watering so they take root quickly in their new home. You’ll be glad you did in a few weeks when your garden looks twice as good!

Dream & Plan

After clearing out all the fall & winter debris, you may have uncovered a few bare spots in the garden that have you stumped. Get some inspiration and advice on what to do in these areas by using our Snapshot Gardening service. Simply take a photo of the area, upload it to our website and we’ll provide some direction!

If you have any questions along the way this month, just come visit us and we’ll help however we can!