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The Time is Now

Category: Planting | Posted by: Mike Riesenberg

There is a saying… timing is everything. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to plant a tree or shrub, now is the time! But why is fall considered to be the best time of year to plant?

Summer is much of the reason that fall is considered the best time of year to plant a new tree or shrub. This is because summer, with its hot temperatures and dry weather, causes stress on newly planted trees and shrubs. A tree or shrub that is planted in the spring has little time to get “rooted-in” and requires our assistance to help beat the heat. However, a plant installed in the fall has six, seven, maybe even eight months to get rooted-in before the next heat wave.

Planting now, in the fall, takes much of the guesswork out of watering. Because of cooler temperatures and shortening daylight hours, plants are preparing themselves to shut down for the year. This means they require less watering. Thus, you and I can spend more time watching football or drinking pumpkin spice lattes, and less time watering plants.

I should also mention that we have recently received shipments of fresh nursery plants. 

Currently, we have the best selection of trees that we have had all year. These include trees with outstanding fall color such as:

Autumn Blaze Maple
Tulip Poplar
Red Oak
Wildfire Blackgum

Are you searching for a particular tree that we do not have in stock? 

No problem! Our recent partnership with Bower & Branch offers an online inventory of trees that can be paid for online and shipped to our store.


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