Like the hands-on experience she’s had growing and canning her own veggies, keeping the deer away from her husband’s Hostas and growing Lantana, her favorite deer-proof bloom. She’s all about helping green thumbs and newbies create something beautiful then experiencing that moment of accomplishment. The one where you stand back and say ‘Wow, I just did that!’

When I’m not at White Oak I’m:
Running with my dad, working on our wonderful house that sits on five acres or playing with my one-year-old daughter.

Something interesting: 
I was a high jumper for UC and could jump my own height. I’ve also been a personal high jump coach, something I’m very passionate about.   

Best garden advice:
If it looks like something is wrong, watch your watering. Chances are it’s either too wet or too dry. Check new plant tags and/or ask us for guidelines by plant type.