And he still believes it’s about way more than offering a plant or product for a price. Jeff will shake people’s hands because he wants to see them again next week, next month and years from now. People like Jeff will listen when you regale them with the tale of your ailing begonias or ravished lawn. He’ll have answers especially for our tri-state soil, suggestions on affordable products that work and just so you know, he’s a genuinely good guy who hails from the area.

He grew up and lives on the West side with his wife Patty and has two sons, Evan and Andrew.

When I’m not helping others with their lawns and gardens I’m:
Probably in mine
On the golf course
Snow skiing (love the mountains)
Enjoying family

Best piece of garden advice:
Right plant. Right place. Enough said.

Favorite plants:
Japanese Maples (so many cool varieties)
Hostas (easy to grow and love the shade)