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Starting your Fertilome 3-Step or Scotts 4-Step Lawn Programs

Category: Lawn Care | Posted by: Jeremy Newell

in early spring it’s hard to know when to begin treating and fertilizing your lawn. Typically, the first product that is applied in the spring is a combination of fertilizer with a weed preventer.

The fertilizer will provide the proper nutrients to help the turf begin healthy spring growth. Weed preventers stop weed seeds from growing. These preventers (or ‘pre-emergents’) are mostly used to prevent warm-season grass weeds such as crabgrass. These grassy weeds can do real damage to a  lawn in the summer and it is far easier to prevent their growth than it is to try and kill them after they have started growing.

Is now the time?

You can apply these first applications early March through early/mid April.

The crabgrass preventers in both the Fertilome Lawn Food with Crabgrass Preventer and Scotts Step 1 offers control for 2-4 months. This long-term control means that you cannot add grass seed in the same areas as you applied the weed preventer.

For those lawns that will require grass seed this Spring we’ve got you covered. Scotts Step 1 for Seeding is a product that does allow you to over-seed your lawn while also preventing weed seeds from sprouting.

Always follow the recommendations on each particular product label for most effective performance. Have questions? Call us at 513-385-3313 or stop by the store for advice on creating a strategy for a gorgeous, healthy lawn.

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