Summertime – that narrow window of time to relax between sprucing up your landscape in the Spring and the back-to-school rush in late Summer. 

Savor the season, now is the time to enjoy the landscape you’ve worked so hard on from that first stretch of nice weather. Spend some time in the oasis you’ve created taking in the sights, sounds, tastes, and textures of everything you’ve worked hard to create.  Reflect on the accomplishments you’ve had – planting a tree, growing your own vegetables, or colorful containers full of beefy and vibrant annuals.

But stay vigilant.

While taking time to walk around your personal oasis, check on the tree you planted.
» How does it look?
» Is it vibrant and healthy or is it suffering from some malady?
» If it is not doing well, perhaps there is some corrective measure that can be taken to fix it before it is too late?
» If it loves its new home take a moment to enjoy it.

My point is, take time to relax and enjoy, but also be aware of potential problems in your landscape and head them off at the pass. Just the other day I noticed bag worms in a spruce tree where just a few days previous there were none. Had the bag worms not been seen and removed right away, this tree would surely have suffered. I invite you to chat with us about any concerns you have for your plants. Or, perhaps you’d like to share some of your successes. Either way, we’d love to hear from you.

Stay tuned as we transition into yet another season – the dog days of summer will soon give way to the cool and comfortable temperatures of autumn.