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Reserve a Tree

Category: Planting, Store News & Events | Posted by: Nancy Coons

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

– Chinese Proverb

Planting a tree says a lot about a person. It says you care about the environment and the air that we breathe. You care about your community and contributing to its beauty. You plan to put down roots, and want to invest in something that will do the same. Or maybe you just need a place to lean back, under the shade of the canopy, and think, plan and dream.

We get it. We love trees too.

Each fall we take delivery of a broad selection of beautiful trees and each fall we sell out. We expect to do the same this year, only this year, we expect to sell out faster than in the past. That has been the reoccurring theme for 2020.

Because we will have limited quantities, we are providing you the opportunity to Reserve your Tree now, pre-order and arrange for pick-up or delivery when they arrive. Below is a list of available trees. You can check out the details including size, growth habits and price, along with pictures of each tree on the website. Once you have selected the right tree for your landscape, you can order online or call us at 513-385-3313.

The second best time to plant a tree is now!


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