Southern Peaches


25lb Case

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SEMI-CLING PEACHES: Saturday, June 20th
FREESTONE PEACHES: Saturday, July 11th
FREESTONE PEACHES: Saturday, July 25th


What is the difference between Semi-Cling and Freestone peaches?

While both freestone and semi-cling peaches are sweet and juicy when ripe, there is a difference between the two in how the fruit’s flesh clings to the pit.

A freestone peach will have fruit that easily pulls away from the pit, while the semi-cling fruit will, as the name implies, leave a bit of the fruit clinging to the pit.

Freestone peaches are generally a bit larger than clingstone and are delicious when eaten as a whole fruit or used in baking and canning. Semi-cling peaches are typically a bit smaller, juicer, and slightly sweeter than freestone peaches.


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