Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass

This easy-to-grow reed grass does best in medium to wet soil and in full sun. This perennial is an early bloomer with tall vertical lines. Leaves produce little fall color, eventually turning tan in winter. In June, tightly-vertical flower stalks rise well above the foliage to 6′ tall bearing narrow plumes of feathery, purplish-green flowers which turn golden as the seeds mature in summer and eventually tan.

Exposure: Full Sun
Size: 2 – 3 Feet Tall
Bloom Time: Summer to Fall

seasonal / in-store only


karl foerster feather grass

Fun Facts:

  • Greek name comes from the Greek word “kalamos” meaning reed and “agrostis” meaning type of grass.
  • This is a hybrid, resulting from a cross between 2 species native to Europe and Asia.
  • Name honors Karl Foerster, a German nurseryman, who discovered this plant in Hamburg Botanical Garden in the 1930’s, was then introduced to commerce in 1950.


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