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Plant Spotlight: Kodiak Red Diervilla

Category: Plant Spotlight | Posted by: Mike Riesenberg

Not many plants can do what Kodiak Red Diervilla can do and look as good.

This is a colorful, easy, and underutilized shrub with many great attributes.

It is versatile in that it grows well in full-sun to full-shade light conditions. Sunny and hot – no problem. Shade and dry – you got it! Hues of red new-growth foliage in the spring, green foliage with red accent in the summer, and brilliant red fall color. The bell-shaped yellow flowers are showy, loved by pollinators and hummingbirds, and re-bloom through the growing season.

These plants are native to the Southeastern US, but are unquestionably hardy for the Cincinnati region. Deer have little interest in these shrubs, but may give them a try from time to time. With a spring trim, expect them to grow about three feet to four feet tall and wide with long-reaching branches. Kodiak Red Diervilla blends well with a naturalized landscape and stands out in a formal landscape. Put several plants together, as a hedge or en masse, and really make a statement in the landscape!

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Reasons you’ll want Kodiak Red Diervilla in your landscape

  • Native plant, well-behaved, non-invasive
  • Great choice for a challenging area
  • Versatile growing in full sun to full shade
  • Red foliage in spring, green foliage with red accent in summer, brilliant red fall color
  • Re-blooming bell-shaped yellow flowers
  • Flowers attract pollinators and hummingbirds
  • Use as a hedge or in a grouping
  • Deer resistant, drought tolerant
  • 3’ to 4’ tall and wide with trimming


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