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Category: Gardening Tips | Posted by: Jeremy Newell

October Gardening Tips

Here are some important gardening actions to take this month, as well as a few fun ideas.

Do some fall planting

Perk up your front porch or patio by transitioning your containers. Put together pretty annuals like marigolds and pansies mixed with some fall favorites like cabbage, mums and asters.

Plant Trees & Shrubs

The cooler weather is an ideal time to plant trees and shrubs in your landscape. After the first few frosts plants go dormant and are less active, making the transplant process easier and less stressful on them. Shop for trees online or come in to the garden center where our experts will gladly answer any questions and help you pick the perfect trees and shrubs for your landscape.

Install a fire pit for backyard bonfires

There’s nothing quite like spending a fall evening with friends by the fire, and October is prime bonfire season. If you have the space for one, consider installing a fire pit in your backyard. There are tons of options and DIY plans available, or have White Oak help you plan and install one with your fall landscape project.

Harvest fall crops

Now’s the time to harvest fall plants that reach full fruition in October. Examples include beets, apples, pumpkins and gourds. Gather and store these plants now, and they can be expected to hold up well into the winter months.

Cover sensitive plants at night

As the weather starts to get chilly, get in the habit of covering sensitive plants or bringing them inside at night. Just remember to bring them back out or uncover them in the morning; that way, they’ll still get to take advantage of the bright fall sun during the day.

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