White Oak Hardscape Design & Installation

Hardscape design includes the use of any hard, non-plant material used to extend the boundaries and living spaces of your home. This includes the addition of features like natural stone walls, steps or walkways, driveways, patios, pillars, grilling stations, fireplaces or fire pits and more.

Many or our projects include these natural elements and turn unused spaces or new areas (for example, around a pool or patio) into practical and beautiful places to play, entertain and relax.

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A hardscape design can be anything from retaining walls to drainage systems and can either be purely aesthetic or serve a more functional purpose. A retaining wall, for instance, can be used on a sloped backyard to stop the erosion of water. Whereas a purely aesthetic element of a hardscape design might be brick planters or a fountain to create an ambiance and personal oasis in your backyard.


Our landscape design experts will incorporate hardscape elements to give your patio or yard the same kind of look and feel as the home itself. This can be achieved through natural stone walkways, concrete fountains, brick planters, patio pavers, and any other variation of materials to fit seamlessly with the look of the home.

For example, a pool in your backyard is a prime opportunity for incorporating a hardscape design. A hardscape design can elevate a simple rectangular pool surrounded by grass to a tropical oasis, complete with a tiki hut, built in fire pit, grilling station and potted hibiscus for a truly inspiring and relaxing experience. Stamped concrete in different colors, multi-level decks, retaining walls, and patio pavers are also popular materials for creating a defined space for entertaining or relaxing.

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