Hostas are a great choice when looking to fill in shady spots. They come back year after year, getting bigger each season. Hostas come in a variety of sizes from tiny miniatures to eye-popping giants.

White Oak Gardens has 6 different varieties of these shade-lovers for our Hosta Hoopla priced at $9.99. Get them while they last!

Sum and Substance

‘Sum and Substance’ is a perennial giant at a whopping mature size of 3’ tall by 5’-6’ wide. Gold to light green large leaves makes a dark space glow.

Krossa Regal

‘Krossa Regal’ has a vase-like growing habit and can reach 3’ tall by 3’-6’ wide. Frosty grey-green leaves with slight ruffle.


‘Elegans’ has blue-grey textured leaves and matures around 2’ tall by 3’-4’ wide.


‘Patriot’ has a green leaf with a wide band of white variegation around the edge of each leaf. Great contrast of color on this hosta that reaches 12”-18” tall by 2’-3’ in width.


‘Francee’ matures around 2’ tall by up to 4’ wide with a variegated white edge on its green leaves.


‘Wheee!’ hosta is as fun as its name. This small hosta matures around 12” tall by 18” wide. Pale green margins contrast with the darker green leaves. The highly ruffled leaves offer a fun and interesting texture.