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How Do I Fix My Lawn?!

Category: How-to Guides, Lawn Care | Posted by: Mike Riesenberg

Is there ever a summer in Cincinnati that is easy on a homeowner’s lawn?

It’s always something: scorching heat, flash flood downpours, mole damage (don’t get me started on moles!), or utility companies digging to the center of the Earth.

Fortunately, September is the ideal time to repair the ravages of man, beast, or weather. The following are some strategies for fall lawn repair.

Bare spots

Level and rough up the surface of the soil with a hard rake. Apply a high-quality seed that is appropriate for the area (sun vs. shade). How much seed to use will vary on the type of turf seed. Use Fertilome’s Lawn Starter Fertilizer to insure the new lawn has the proper nutrients for strong root growth. Water daily until you see good green growth. Watering can then be reduced to 3 times a week.

Too many weeds

Spot treat weeds with Hi-Yield Killzall. Be careful to spray only on the leaves of the weeds, not the surrounding turf. The weeds will brown and dry in 5-7 days, after which time it is safe to reseed.

Mole damage

Chase the moles into your neighbor’s lawn by using Mole Scram, a granular repellent. Or use an Easy Mole Trap to eradicate the culprit(s). Tamp down the tunnels and rake up any dead grass. You are now ready to reseed.

Maintaining a healthy lawn

Maybe you have a lush green lawn and simply want to keep it that way. Core-aerating is a great way to open the soil to air and moisture. Make sure the lawn has nutrients by fertilizing with Fertilome Lawn Food plus Iron. Water the lawn after fertilizing. Moisture activates the availability of the nutrients for the plant.

Still have questions?

The lawn experts at White Oak Gardens can help. Call us at 513-385-3313 or stop by the store. We can help devise a strategy specific to your lawn.


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