Fall is finally here!

Both people and plants in the Cincinnati area have been waiting for these cooler temperatures to arrive.

The unseasonably hot and dry weather we have experienced through September put a stop to many outdoor autumn projects and stressed landscapes and lawns. Many people are checking out their dry, crispy grass and wondering if they have time to reseed this season.

The good news is that you can still see success with reseeding your lawn this fall.

Typically October is an iffy month to guarantee strong establishment of turf. The temperatures have usually been steadily declining by this date and bringing down soil temperatures as well. However, this year’s prolonged heat wave will keep the soil temperatures higher for a longer length of time in the fall. Soil temperature is a critical component in the success of seed germination.

Water is the second crucial element. Start watering seed as soon as you apply it to your lawn. Keep the grass seed moist with daily watering. When you start seeing the green of the new grass blades, watering can be reduced to less often but longer duration. Use a starter fertilizer on your new lawn seed to help establish a strong root system before winter weather arrives.

If the hot and dry fall has kept you from reseeding bare spots, now is the time to get one more thing checked off your fall to-do list.