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A Gardener Turned Beekeeper

Category: Store News & Events | Posted by: Nancy Coons

Crissy Wegman has been an avid vegetable gardener for many years and this passion led her to bees.

The lack of honeybees was making her life hard, so she set out to fix that.

After researching the plight of the honeybee, she decided that she wanted to become a beekeeper. A Christmas gift of a hive and beekeeping equipment was enough to get her started. Crissy attended beekeeping school and watched endless hours of YouTube videos to hone her craft.

Initially, her plan was to maintain the hives for pollinating her garden and grounds only, with no collecting of the honey. But after learning that nearly 76% of all store-bought honey in the United States was fake, she decided it was time and her business Moses’ Masons was born. 

Crissy keeps anywhere from 4 to 14 hives in a year and tuns the extracted honey into creamed and flavored whipped honey.  Her latest batch includes experimenting with bourbon honey, aged in a used bourbon barrel.

Crissy will be at White Oak Gardens this coming Saturday to sell her honey. Don’t miss out!


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